Gratitude Diffuser Blend

gratitude blend

Use this essential oil blend to create an atmosphere of gratitude. Add a few drops to a diffuser, spray bottle or apply one or two drops to your pulse points to create an attitude of gratitude. Use during prayer or meditation time while expressing gratitude and thankfulness.

Gratitude Affirmation

Each morning take time to focus for a few minutes on everything in your life that you are grateful for. As you breathe in, let the feeling of gratitude fill you with love and appreciation. As you exhale, release any negative thoughts and feelings that you may be holding inside.

Start a gratitude journal and write down daily what you are grateful for. You can also use the following affirmations and write your own to use in your daily morning prayers or meditation.

Each morning I am thankful for another day of life and for all the wonderful things in my life.

I am grateful for all that life brings to me and for everyone who is in my life.

I express an attitude of gratitude in everything I do.

The more grateful I am, the more love and abundance manifests in my life.

My attitude in one of gratitude.

I am thankful and appreciate my life.